Passionate voices sing out in praise

  The Halifax-based Orion Chamber Choir will mark Passion Sunday with a "challenging sing" at Huddersfield Parish Church, says the diocese's Director of Training, Revd Andrew Tawn.

  They will be performing Bach’s St John Passion on Sunday, March 18, starting at 6pm.

  "This is a challenging sing for a choir of only 16 singers, but as well as all the choruses the choir members will also be singing all the solos," said Andrew, one of the soloists and who will take the part of Jesus.

  "It is a real privilege to sing Jesus’ words – and a bit nerve-wracking.

  "But in truth it is the only part I can sing.

  "I have a low bass voice and all the other solos are too high for me.

  "Bach’s music is some of the finest ever written and it draws you into the emotional heart of the story, so it can really feel like you’re re-living Jesus’ last hours.

   "It’s a wonderful way to prepare for Holy Week." 

  Andrew (pictured, past and present) was a choral scholar at Trinity College Cambridge from 1980 to 1983.  The Orion Chamber choir is conducted by Bridget Budge, who was also a choral scholar at Trinity with Andrew.

 The choir will be accompanied by Richard Quarmby, music director at Huddersfield Parish Church and entry is free, with donations for church funds welcome.


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