Real Junk Food Cafe adds an evening bistro and extended opening hours

The Real Junk Food Project @ All Hallows café is now open four days per week and has also added an evening Bistro.

The café, which starred on Songs of Praise last year, opened in September 2014 with the aims of reducing food waste, reducing food poverty and building community – and it’s been shown to be succeeding on all counts.

One of the founders, Paul Magnall, says, “Initially we could only open one day a week, but by collaborating with other groups, we can now staff it four, or even five days a week. And we're very excited that our flagship event each week will be a Bistro where our chefs will be able to tickle our taste buds and dazzle our senses by creating amazing meals from perfectly good food that otherwise would have been wasted".

The café was recently part of a social impact study that revealed that every £1 invested in the café returns £15 of social capital.

Paul adds, "By intercepting wasted food and using it to feed people on a pay-as-you-feel basis, we aim to reduce both food waste and food poverty without taking away people’s pride.

"By bringing people from all walks of life together around a table of food, and by working together in the kitchen, we also hope to build better community where we can trust and support each other."


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