Riddlesden eco-hub feeds the body and the mind with green food and ideas

Green ideas and good food are being shared at an eco-hub at St Mary’s Riddlesden, made possible by a grant from Bradford Council.

A £3000 grant from the Council’s Climate Action Fund has helped to pay for work to turn the church’s meeting room into a community eco-hub and monthly café.  

The café now features food and drink, as well as a stall for eco-liquid refills, hosted by Plastic Free Riddlesden, and a Zero Waste stall making sure nothing from the café is wasted. 

The hub has also been used for fundraising for local green charities, such as the baby charity POPI in Keighley, or the food waste charity FairShare in Leeds.

Diana Chambers, Parish Environment Officer, said: “Our work follows our theme for the month. 

“November was ‘Recreated Gifts’, December ‘Deliciously Different’, and February ‘Preparing for Spring’, where some new Toad Patrollers were recruited, to help nearly 700 toads cross the roads in Riddlesden and St Ives to safely spawn in their home bodies of water.

“On Easter Saturday it was ‘Birds & New Greener Life!’

“The café brings in people who want to chat to each other but also, more and more, are engaging with what we can do to tackle the climate emergency together and halt the destruction of our ecosystems.

“Our aim now is to reach a different demographic; hopefully more younger people and those from diverse backgrounds. 

“There have been two visits to a mosque in Keighley and we are hoping to invite some of the ladies back, to pass on their green ideas to us. 

“We will be represented at an event at Cliffe Castle on Monday, June 12 that is all about sustainable living.”

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