Sewn goods from Bradford church help orphanage in Kenya

Sewn goods to go to the orphanage in Nairobi.Sewn goods from one of our Bradford area churches are supporting the work of an orphanage in Nairobi. 
Elizabeth Utley, from St Andrew’s Church in Kildwick, has been sewing useful items for the children cared for at the orphanage in the capital of Kenya after discovering it as part of a work trip with her husband, John.
During lockdown Elizabeth has sewn 20 quilts, 25 beanies, 8 ear warmers, 35 hygiene packs for girls and 50 face masks. 
Elizabeth said: “I have always loved to sew and then I became hooked on patchwork and quilting. 
“It became my passion but eventually I had all I needed for my home and I was running out of friends and family to give things to. 
“Then I discovered Kenya, and on a work trip with my husband John I met Fanuel, director of the orphanage in Nairobi. 
“Now I send sewn, knitted or crocheted items that can be used by them.
“On one visit to Nairobi I discovered that every month the girls had to miss school for a week as they had no hygiene protection. 
“It was not something I had thought of, and I had to do something, as the girls wanted to be in school. 
“I did some research and discovered an organisation called Days For Girls Period, who had patterns for hygiene packs. 
“I got the patterns and started making them. 
“They take a lot of work but if the girls are careful these packs can last up to 3 years, making it well worth doing!
“Lockdown has been a blessing for me as I could sit and sew to my heart’s content.
“I have made 20 quilts, 35 hygiene packs for girls, 25 beanies, 8 ear warmers (yes it gets cold in Kenya) and at the last minute 50 face masks.” 
Please visit to find out more about their work.

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