Shipley cage protest at “shocking” levels of hunger

protestA church community worker in Shipley has locked himself in a cage in the town centre for two days in protest at the growing levels of hunger he says he is finding in the district.

Angus McNab, who helps to run Shipley Foodbank Centre, spent two days in the cage outside Shipley Library and went without food on Friday 9th June and Saturday 10th June.  

Andy, a community worker at St. Peter’s church in Shipley, was supported by friends and other local people who share his concern. 

Ahead of the protest he said, “I want to put myself in the cage and go without food to identify with people who are trapped in poverty and unable to feed themselves and their children.”

“It is wrong that one of the richest and most developed countries in the world is seeing a rise in the use of emergency food provision” 

“We all have a part to play in challenging any form of injustice. We have a long road to travel before we are a fairer and more just society. Hopefully my protest will help us all to stop and think about how we can respond to hunger on our doorstep.”

Angus helps to run Shipley Foodbank Centre which is part of Bradford North foodbank. He encouraged his ‘prison visitors’ to read the stories of those who use foodbanks and provided information about practical action they could take.. 

“I have the privilege of hearing people’s stories first hand. One of the stories that has haunted me the most is that of the young Mum who was unable to feed her baby with her own milk because she had not had enough to eat herself.” Angus continues: “So often I am struck by the fact that it could easily be me and my family finding ourselves hungry if we were in the same position as those we are trying to help.”


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