Slogans trump facts in political messaging warns Bishop Nick

Slogans and shallow messaging on social media are harming scrutiny of big political issues, argues Bishop Nick Baines in the Church Times.

Writing in this week’s edition, he warns against a trend to avoid conventional media, especially the BBC :

“Mainstream media can be bypassed, ignored or belittled in an attempt to control the narrative,” writes Bishop Nick.

“However, this brave new world brings with it significant dangers.

“As we are already witnessing, direct control of the messaging means avoidance of the sort of scrutiny upon which a genuine democracy depends.

“A chat show is not the same as being subjected to intelligent, informed and fearless interrogation.

“Three-word slogans only work so long as no one is allowed to question them, digging beneath the assumptions behind the words, pushing the meanings to see if they contain any substance.”

“There is much at stake here for those who wish to deepen and not dilute democracy.”

The full page article appears in the Church Times out today:

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