A special prayer for Sri Lanka one month after terror attacks

month ago, on Easter Sunday morning, the world woke up to the horrific and tragic news that bombs had taken the lives of 253 people attending churches or in hotels across Sri Lanka.

Prayers for the victims of bomb attacks continue to be offered throughout the diocese, which has long lasting links with the two Anglican dioceses of Columbo and Kuranegala.

The Sri Lanka Link Group in the Diocese of Leeds works to maintain and cultivate this link with Sri Lanka and in response to the Easter Day Bombings it has written the following prayer to be used by all who need it:

We pray for the families of those who lost their lives in the bombings and those who  who were injured and are now receiving treatment. You did not abandon your loved ones when the evil acts of men took their lives;

You were with those at St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, St. Anthony’s Shrine, Zion Church, and the three hotels targeted.

We know that You grieve even more than we are able to over what has happened. May the church members continue to find comfort in Your presence,

Please comfort those who are grieving, give peace to those who are afraid, and grant healing to those recovering.

We pray that You would strengthen the Christian community in Sri Lanka; may those brothers and sisters in Christ come alongside one another in support and not fear to meet.

We pray for people across  all communities in Sri Lanka to come together repair the damage cause and heal each others hearts. Give them strength for each day,  as they rebuild trust and may they look to You for all things.

The Sri Lanka Link Group was planning a visit in November and still hopes to go ahead with the trip as planned.

Current guidance from the Foreign Office advises people in the UK not to travel to Sri Lanka. The group is therefore awaiting further advice to be given closer to the time of the visit.

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