Spreading the news – bulletin to be distributed free for every church

From Easter, churches throughout the diocese will be able to receive free copies of the four page Diocesan News Bulletin, previously only printed for the historic Bradford and Ripon and Leeds parishes.

Fifty pick--up points are being set up as monthly collection points, cutting the cost of delivery and enabling every parish to order up to 500 copies each month without incurring any cost.

But we need to hear back from every parish telling us how many you want - see notes at the foot of this article.

In a letter to parishes (PCC Secretaries), the new Director of Communications, Chris Tate, says, “We are happy to announce that we are rolling this out to the whole diocese with some major improvements and at no cost to parishes.

“From the Easter (April) edition we will offer a full-gloss version of this four page insert to all churches across the whole diocese in any quantity from 25 to 650. The monthly bulletin will still of course be available online to download as a good quality PDF, but this offer means that we pay for the cost of printing – not you.”

Chris says that the four-page, A5 publication is ideal for A5 parish magazines, but equally fine as a sheet to be handed out at the back of church or placed in a stand… “We want to make sure the whole diocese can receive this, free of charge and in the most cost effective way possible for inclusion in A5 parish magazines as a centre insert or stand-alone to be given out with notice sheets and to be picked up or distributed to parishioners.

“It is for those in your congregation who prefer paper to the internet, or for those who simply like to have both. It is an important reminder that we are part of a larger diocesan family; it keeps everyone up to date with important developments and is an encouragement to look beyond parish boundaries.”

To keep the bulletin free to churches, 50 pick-up points, reasonably close to most churches, will be set up in the New Year,  cutting the costs of postage and delivery.  “Once we know the demand”, says Chris, “we will make sure that you have a pick up point within reasonable distance of your church. All it needs is for someone to be committed to picking up your pre-packed and counted bundle of news bulletins (or 12 people to do it once a year each!)

“Simply decide how many you need and let us know – orders can be changed in advance on a monthly basis.”

How the scheme works.

Details are:

•         The monthly A5 paper bulletin will come unfolded on 115gram glossy paper in full colour and is an attractive insert or standalone leaflet which contains a letter from a different bishop each month, news or features from across the diocese and items from each episcopal area.

•             Every church in the diocese can order a set number of copies. These will be  free of charge.

•             To keep it free 50 pick-up points will be set up to cut the costs of postage and delivery. 

•             If you have previously had it posted to your door, this can no longer be the case. To keep costs down all copies will be delivered to one of the fifty or so pick-up points for collection by hand.

•             If your copies were mailed to a magazine printing press outside the diocese we should still be able to send these to the press, but in some cases need to charge you for the cost of postage.

Churches (including all those already receiving the bulletin) are asked to contact chris.tate [at] leeds.anglican.org (subject: Diocesan%20Monthly%20Bulletin) (Chris Tate ) or david.wilkinson [at] leeds.anglican.org (subject: Diocesan%20Monthly%20Bulletin) (David Wilkinson) by the January 31st with the following information:            

•         How many your church wishes to order (anywhere between 25 and 650)?

•         Any suggestions for a pick-up point in your deanery which can receive a courier delivery once a month (normally a weekday during office hours – around the 16th of the month), which will be open during office hours for churches to pick up their bundle, and which is reasonably close for you.

The timescale. Parishes asked to contact Chris or David by end-January.. Pick up points announced early February. Parishes select their pick-up point and confirm by the end of February. The first edition to all parishes will be delivered to the pick-up points around March 16th or 17th and then on the same date each month.

Churches who wish to pay to have copies posted should also contact Chris or David. 

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