Vaccination session held at Keighley church

One of our churches in the Bradford area has been doing its part in helping deal with COVID-19 by hosting a vaccination drive.
Some 120 COVID-19 vaccinations were given at Keighley Shared Church as part of an initiative organised by the Modality Partnership, and involved other partners including Project 6, the Good Shepherd Centre and the Salvation Army.
The session was organised as part of an effort to encourage vaccine take-up in population groups where it is below average and has been hailed as a success.
The Revd Natasha Thomas, Curate at Keighley Shared Church, said: "It was wonderful to make our space available for people to be vaccinated.
"Over 120 people were given the vaccine and through the health checks 4 people were identified as being in need of immediate medical care.
"The staff and volunteers found that they were meeting people who would not normally make appointments and therefore would miss the opportunity for a vaccine.
"They were so thrilled with our partnership they are looking to use our space as a health drop in - including dentistry on a regular basis.
"I love that through the miracle of the vaccine God is bringing people - the poor, the vulnerable and the alien into the very heart of Church buildings."
Bill Graham, for Modality, said: “We were very pleased with the turnout.
“The Shared Church was a great venue, and we hope to organise further sessions there.
“We targeted some population groups where vaccine take-up is a bit less and with partner community organisations encouraged eligible people to come along.
“We’d like to say a massive thank-you to the Rev Natasha Thomas and everyone at the Shared Church for allowing us to use such an outstanding central location for health care.”
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