Walking my own path: Huddersfield vicar takes a sabbatical

A walk around the diocese might not sound much – but it adds up to 360 miles - and a Huddersfield vicar has decided to make it his sabbatical.


The Revd Canon Simon Moor, the vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church and a keen walker, will attempt the walk in two stages. 


He will set off from Bolton Priory this Saturday (February 10) to spend his first week walking between the larger churches of the diocese arriving that same evening at Bradford Cathedral.

On Monday 12 February he will walk from Bradford to Dewsbury via Halifax and Huddersfield, whilst Tuesday will find him walking from Dewsbury to  Leeds Minster via Wakefield; Wednesday is Leeds Minster to  Ripon Cathedral, Thursday from Ripon Bolton Priory.


With the combination of a well placed car and public transport, Simon intends to return home each day and he anticipates his journey will involve only one stop-over in the outer reaches of Ripon.


“This is about finding my own way, walking my own path. Walking has always allowed me the space in my head and my heart to get closer to God,” said Simon.


He will pick the walk back up after Holy Week when he will set off to walk the perimeter of the diocese setting off from Walsden in the parish of Todmorden, next to the Lancashire border. He expects the walk around the whole of the diocese – around 360 miles - to take him 17 days and plans to stop over at a number of churches along the way. 


“When I walk, everything is unpacked, emptied and put back together again. It makes me whole,’ he said.


Simon will also spend two weeksof his sabbatical  travelling in Zimbabwe to better understand the culture. Huddersfield Parish church serves a number of Zimbabwean families 



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