West Witton sends a cow

Thanks to the gifts of parishioners in West Witton, Wensleydale, marginalised peoples in Batwa, Rwanda are celebrating the gift of a cow for the local community.

The gift was organised by Christian charity, Mission Possible, and Richard Wallis of the charity said that it will make an incredible difference to these poverty stricken people.

“I call the photo 'joyfulness unspeakable'. I do not believe this photo would have been possible four years ago.

“Neither my wife Ruth nor I saw one smile amongst the impoverished people of the Musanze area of Rwanda when we first visited them in 2014. Marie, pictured right, has just received a cow because West Witton decided to invest in the lives of Marie and her family.

“Some of the cows gifted to families are now producing calves and so are blessing other families in the community. We need to start building more cow sheds for these calves!”

The community live in the Cyangugu diocese and Bishop Nathan is hoping to return to North Yorkshire to visit in 2019.

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