When Anne met Amina.

An intergenerational project that brought young and older women together went on display in Howden Clough over the Great Get Together weekend….and it all started with a cup of tea!

Students from Batley Girls High School came for tea with the Wednesday Afternoon Games group  started by members of of St Saviour's Church, Brownhill , and began to swap stories with the older women and men there about growing up in and around Howden Clough.

The idea came from The Together Hub, a collective of various religious leaders with links to Batley High who wanted to work to bring the different communities within the community together. 

Inspiration came from the School 's earlier involvement in the Batley Heritage Project which showed how different many of the students’ family backgrounds were in comparison to the local residents of Howden Clough. 

St Saviour’s vicar, the Revd Lesley Mattacks explained: “Most of the students have very different family backgrounds to the residents of Howden Clough so, that coupled with the obvious age difference of people who grew up during, or just after the war, this project has  proved to be a fascinating experience for younger and old alike.”

On Saturday a display went up with photographs of the students and older people and some reminiscences of their conversations.

There will be another afternoon tea session in the autumn with a different group of students.  





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