World Cup Eucharist

World Cup enthusiast and parish priest, the Revd John Geary, has persuaded his congregation to get in the World Cup mood by coming to church in football hats and scarves for the past two weeks.

John, (pictured centre and wearing his cassock-alb beneath his cap), who is Priest in Charge of Middlestown with Netherton near Wakefield, held a World Cup Eucharist  at St. Luke’s, Middlestown.

“The idea behind it is to encourage local people of all backgrounds, from all nations, to come and join us to celebrate our diversity, equality and anti-racism. I preach on the theme of love to all people of the world.

“Using the World Cup helps people to relate to all nations, races and faiths as they come together in Russia.

“Our regular congregation was asked to join in by wearing football scarves and hats and scarves and to bring flags to dress the church. As can be seen in the photo, they joined in with the theme!”

The following Sunday the service was repeated at St. Andrew’s Netherton.

“We hope England are still in the competition!”, said John at the time - and they were!

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