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News from the Anglican Giving Review

2,000 Anglicans were surveyed between July-September 2020 on giving perceptions and practice. Anglicans were defined as those who consider themselves as active supporters of the Church of England and attend church at least once a month.

The survey shows that simple things can be done quickly and easily to encourage giving, and so grow the ministry and mission of the church. The survey will be repeated every two years to track the impact of the National Giving Strategy on giving within the Church of England.

Click the images below to access the survey recommendations and here to read the full report. 




In Leeds, we recommend:

  1. Parishes hold a Giving Review every year.
  2. Parishes use the Parish Giving Scheme as the 'preferred way to give' to church.
  3. Clergy and church leaders engage with Generous Giving Training with the National Giving Team and the Diocesan Stewardship and Income Generation Team training and drop-in sessions on all relevant topics.


We are also giving talks to parishes, deaneries and clergy groups about the survey and about ways to grow generous churches. Would you like us to speak to your group? Contact Becky or Janet now to make an appointment. Our details are below.



The Stewardship and Income Generation team can help in a number of ways including;

​For advice and assistance please contact the team on

resourcingparishes [at] leeds.anglican.org on 0113 3530 216

For further information relating to financial issues follow the link to the Finance pages.

The DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) can provide advice and information on applying for a faculty for development work in churches. 


Meet the team

Becky Nicholson
Lead Stewardship Officer
Clare Bellamy Clare Bellamy 
Finance Officer (Services) 
Janet Edmond Janet Edmond 
Stewardship Officer
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