Treasurers' Update;  a newsletter providing current and helpful links and information from the Stewardship and Income Generation Team.

Issue 1 - December 2017 - Welcome, Mission and Finance Returns, Share, Fees and more
Issue 2 - March 2018 - GDPR, Parish Returns, Fees and more
Issue 3 - May 2018 - Digital Giving, GDPR and more
Issue 4 - July/Aug 2018 - Parish Share, Major Capital Grants
Issue 5 - November 2018 - Funding, ACAT, Gift Aid and more
Issue 6 - January 2019 - Parish Share and Recruitment Updates
Issue 7 - April 2019 - Funding Updates and Going Digital
Issue 8 - June 2019 - Take our Survey, Fundraising News in the Diocese, Digital Updates, Social Media, Parish Share and more
Issue 9 - July 2019 - Training Dates, Income Generation Ideas, Digital Update, Funeral Collections and more
Issue 10 September 2019 - Training Dates, Legacy and In-memory Giving,  Historic Religious Building Alliance Training Day and more


The Digital Learning Platform

The Diocesan Digital Learning Platform is now up and running - why not have a look - click here.

The Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT) Membership

The Diocese has a group membership to ACAT - access lots of useful information and resources in the members area of their website.

Online Newsletters

There are two excellent online newsletters for charitable groups in our region, you can browse or sign up to be updated with current news, advice and funding opportunities:

  • Voluntary Action Leeds is where you can find information about volunteering, training and funding. Whilst not specifically aimed at churches, it is an excellent hub of information for everyone in our Diocese - and no you don't need to be in Leeds to find it useful! The funding pages are especially good and every month a downloadable and comprehensive list of grant funders is published. To make your search for funders even easier, there is a search tool. This is a highly recommended site for all churches in our Diocese.
  • Similar to Voluntary Action Leeds is Bfunded which provides information for groups in the Bradford Region, however, most of the site information is relevant to everyone. 

Stewardship Website

​Since 1906 Stewardship have been helping the Christian Community in the UK to give and receive by;
​- Making giving easy

- Inspiring greater generosity

- Strengthening Christian causes.

Their website and blog provide useful information, insights and conversation about many aspects of stewardship in the Christian community.  Its is worth a look.

Trustees and Fundraising  - A Practical Handbook

As PCC members are trustees and have the responsibilities of trustees we thought this practical guide would be a useful reference tool for all PCC members to have access to. Click here to access the Guide.

Parish Resources

This site, provided by the Church of England’s National Stewardship & Resources team offers over 400 pages of resources (web & pdf) to support all aspects of stewardship, administration and management in the local church, as well as links to other sites and pages of interest.

Gift Aid

Parish Resources also produce a comprehensive guide to Gift Aid and the Small Donations Gift Aid Scheme. With checklists and 12 factsheets, this really is a one stop shop for all you need to know. 

If you wish to gift aid donations to the Diocese of Leeds then you can download the Diocesan Gift Aid form here.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The Diocese of Leeds have written guidance about how you can stay GDPR compliant!

Finance Matters

For information about Parochial Fees, Parish Share and Share Reports please see our Finance pages.

Card Payments - Free Audit and Advice

Here at the Diocese of Leeds we actively promote contactless payment devices from Parish Buying but what happens if you don't actually know what is right for your church or if your ideal solution is not listed with Parish Buying? Thankfully help is at hand with Acceptcards 

Acceptcards is a merchant services/card acceptance consultancy based in Elland, Yorkshire providing FREE of charge reviews for all churches residing in the Diocese of Leeds, in particular for those who trade via a coffee or gift shop, church hire etc. The review will cover not only pricing but also the method of taking payments and customers' payment preferences. 

Please contact Jason Costello via Jason.Costello [at] or  01422 372818 who’ll be happy to conduct your bespoke review.


Income From Car Parking

Has your church got surplus car-parking spaces in a parking hotspot or do people use your car park even if they are not coming into church? Maybe you have an honesty box for parking and people aren't that honest! 

Now you can use parking to generate revenue. It's free for churches to advertise up to five car spaces on the Just Park website, where the scheme is fully explained. If you really want to maximise the income generated (as this church did in London) then Daniel Laskey of Just Park will be glad to answer your questions. Call 07493 783285 or email daniel.laskey [at] 


Electric Car Charging

Is your church exploring the idea of installing electric car charging points in the carpark? As well as providing a useful service to visitors to your church and within your communities, electric car charging can generate a small amount of income. The National team are researching this emerging area of technology and more details will follow later in 2019. In the meantime, Car Charged Uk is a useful starting point to explore some options. They have worked with churches in the Diocese of Sheffield and will be able to answer any questions you may have before making a decision. Contact Lionel Mathia at lionel [at] 

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