Interfaith Week 2018

The Diocese of Leeds is one of four presence and engagement hubs in England, which means that the Diocese supports ministry and mission in a world of religious diversity. Eighty two of the parishes in the Diocese are inhabited by ten percent or more of people of other faith. Whether we live in those parshes or not, all of us see, hear or meet people of other faiths sometimes on a daily basis. 

Therefore, we encourage you and your church to take part in Interfaith week. It takes place from 11th to 18th November and is a great opportunity to focus on interfaith understanding and cooperation.

Inter Faith Week:

  • Highlights the good work done by local faith, inter faith and faith-based groups and organisations
  • Draws new people into inter faith learning and cooperation
  • Enables greater interaction between people of different backgrounds
  • Helps develop integrated and neighbourly communities
  • Celebrates diversity and commonality
  • Opens new possibilities for partnership

Building good relationships and working partnerships between people of different faiths and beliefs is part of the year-round work of many people and organisations across the UK. Having a special Week provides a focal point, helping to open inter faith activity up to a wider audience so that more and more people are made aware of the importance of this vital work and are able to participate in it.

Interfaith week is for anyone and all can take part in or hold their own events. See this video or visit our Interfaith 2018 page for some ideas of how to get involved. 

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