Team in Tanzania sing a song of greeting

Over the last few years, strong links have been forged between schools in the Leeds Diocese and Tanzanian schools in Mara Diocese.

Over time, schools in the Diocese of Leeds have helped raise funds for a huge variety of projects to help communities in Mara. These have included digging wells, building classrooms, providing text books and desks. 

There have been several trips made by teachers to visit their partner schools in order to strengthen these links and for teachers to have a better appreciation of Tanzanian life and to develop resources that schools can then use to further the children’s understanding.

On February 16th a group embarked on the next visit. The team comprised of: Rev Maggie McLean, Rev Stephen Rochell, Ruth Randall (South Ossett/Kinyariri), Michael Walker (Ackworth Howard/Mshikmano), Tim Wildey (Crigglestone St James/Regata), Kate Morrison (Lindley Infants/Kwikerege), Kate Wilson (Windmill/Mugango) & Diane Norton (RE Adviser).

During their trip in Mara they spent time visiting many of the schools, inlcuding one of the more rural link schools, Kinyariri. When the team arrived they were surrounded by little faces and hands desperate to say, ‘Jambo.’ The children had made flags to welcome them and sang as they walked.

When they reached the school the team returned the greeting by singing a song called ‘Asante kwa kutukaribisha (thank you for your greeting),’ which delighted children and staff alike. 

To read more about the Tanzania Educational Visit, follow this link to their blog. 

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