Environment pledges

I pledge to ring my electricity supplier over the next 24 hours and see if I can switch to green energy
I pledge to buy local seasonal produce as much as possible, starting with at least 2 meals a week
I pledge to educate myself about the science and impacts of climate change
I pledge to contact my MP and my friends and ask them to make these pledges too
I pledge to walk, cycle, use public transport or car share for a regular journey at least once a week
I pledge to worked out my own carbon footprint using one of the many easy to use carbon calculators
I pledge to do a ‘home energy check’ to find out how I can save energy in my home
I pledge to turn my thermostat down to between 18-21°C
I pledge to reduce my holiday air miles by 50%
I pledge to research ‘Driving in a greener way’ by internet search or by booking a lesson to learn eco-drive techniques
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