Spiritual Direction

A Spiritual Director or Companion is someone who journeys with another person encouraging and resourcing them in their spiritual life. The role of a Spiritual Director is not about 'directing'. It is listening, discerning and helping to devlop new insight.

In the diocese we maintain the ministry of Spiritual Direction by:

  • Running short courses and taster days open to anyone to learn more about Spiritual Direction
  • Keeping a list of ecumenical Spiritual Directors in the diocese
  • Helping those looking for a Spiritual Director
  • Offering guidance on safe practice for those seeking Spiritual Direction
  • Maintaining a support system and regular consultations for Spiritual Directors.
  • Training courses for people to explore the ministry of Spiritual Direction.

Read about one person's experience of Spiritual Direction.

The Retreat Association has useful information about Spiritual Direction and choosing a Spiritual Guide.

If you would like to be put in touch with someone who might be able to act as your spiritual director or companion, please go to Contacts for the relevant person in your area. 

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