Freedom from fossil fuels for church in our diocese

A church in our diocese is part of a national movement encouraging Christian groups to divest from fossil fuels.
Pudsey Parish Church has announced their divestment from fossil fuels as part of the Epiphany Declaration for Fossil Free Churches from Operation Noah, as one of 20 Christian organisations across the country. 
Reverend Richard Dimery, Vicar of Pudsey Parish Church, said: “We have decided to divest from fossil fuels because as Christians we want to take seriously our response to the climate crisis. 
“As a church we are trying to improve our environmental responsibility and this is an action of integrity which speaks clearly to the need to change the way we live, act and speak about our world.”
Those involved expressed their desire to take practical action and send a message of hope at the start of 2020, a crucial year for climate action in the UK and around the world. 
The church joins the growing fossil fuel divestment movement, with the global total of assets divested now standing at over $12 trillion.

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