Working with a Mission Accompanier

A mission accompanier is someone who will spend some time with your church, asking questions and offering suggestions as you work out your next steps in mission. They are a great resource when you are not quite sure where to start.

They will work with a group of people in the church (lay and ordained where there is an ordained presence), sometimes over a ‘vision day’, or more often in a series of gatherings over the course of four to six months. This allows your church to get to a point where it can confidently articulate their next steps, be that engaging in new mission activity or accessing other support.

Hendrik Klaver is our Mission Accompaniment Enabler, responsible for developing mission accompaniment across our diocese, and creating a team of mission accompaniers who will be matched to churches looking for mission accompaniment.

if you think working with an accompanier is something that might help your church - or if you are interested yourself in possibly  becoming a mission accompanier  -  please drop us an email at

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