Called to Ordained Ministry?

# If you have already started having interviews with a DDO, then there is a page for you here.

The call to ordained ministry comes in a variety of ways. Often the inner call is emphasised but the "outer" call is in many ways more important. God calls the whole church to service and mission, and he calls individuals through the church. When a bishop lays hands upon you for ordination, you are being set aside for a very particular role; the church will have invested a great deal of time, effort (and money!) in your discernment and training; you are being given a title and (hopefully, for those in stipendiary ministry) a lifelong job - though this is much more than a job.

So it's no surprise that the process of discernment is both lengthy and rigorous. It rarely takes less than a year and sometimes several years. You'll find a link below to a page where the process in this diocese is outlined.

You will find other pages to help you via these links:





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