Green Journey ready to help churches go green and make savings

Green Journey is ready to help our churches make the switch to renewable energy, which may also offer some financial benefits as well.

Green Journey help churches to reduce overall energy costs while improving green credentials and reducing environmental impact.

Green Journey offers a range of services designed to help churches successfully manage the complexities of energy and the environment. 

With energy surveys, and partnerships with renewably sourced electricity and gas supplies, the Green Journey team looks to make sure churches have help implementing every saving measure.

Jemima Parker, Diocesan Environment Officer, said: “The Green Journey has enabled many of our churches to switch to a 100% renewable electricity tariff and a carbon offset gas tariff. 

“For any church this is a great way to start on the journey to being carbon net zero and for those already on an electric based heating system it will take them to nearly zero.
“Switching to renewable energy tariffs is such a simple step to take, but is so effective is demonstrating our care for God’s creation. 

“Paying our church energy bills can become part of the climate solution, investing in clean energy production, rather than supporting fossil fuels.
“The diocese has have been working in partnership with Green Energy Consulting to provide the Green Journey since 2016. 

“Since then they have developed expertise in working with churches, both in this diocese and across the UK. 

“We selected the company because it can provide expert energy procurement advice and leverage a good price for renewables as it has a large commercial client base.” 

Proof in the success of Green Journey can be found in the 250 churches in the diocese who have signed up for a three-year renewable electricity or carbon-offset gas contract with Green Journey, and are reaping both carbon and financial savings. 

For most of these churches the fixed term contracts, which run until September 2023, are locked in at 2020 energy prices, keeping energy costs lower.

For more details on Green Journey, please click here.

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