Annual Parochial Church Meetings & PCCs


All the latest CofE information about the coronavirus can be found here on a new section of the Diocesan website, plus there are examples of churches in action across our diocese – be that their livestreaming of services or stories of positive community action.



Bishop's Instrument - Virtual APMs & APCMs

The Diocesan Bishop can exercise powers (under section 10 of the Churchwardens Measure 2001 and rule 78 of the Church Representation Rules 2020) to give effect to the intention of the Measure or the Rules to modify the procedure for a meeting. The Bishop of Leeds has signedan Instrument under these conditions:


Bishop's Instrument 11 August 2020 (copy below)

  • Provides for it to be possible for APMs and APCMs to be held virtually until 31 May 2021. 



2021 APCMs and APMs deadline

The deadline for holding 2021 APCMs and APMs is 31 May each year.  The Bishop's Instrument providing for it to be possible for APCMs and APMs to be held virtually remains valid until 31 May 2021.


Forms for APCMs

Resources for parishes including forms for Annual Parochial Church Meetings can be found on the Parish Resources website at this link:


Forms for Returns after Annual Parochial Church Meetings 

2020 Electoral Roll form - available below
2020 Deanery Synod Lay Representatives elections return form - available below  
2021 Electoral Roll form - available below




2020 Church Representation Rules

New Church Representation Rules came into force on 1st January 2020. These are an important tool for all those involved in parochial, diocesan and national Church governance.  A helpful summary of the changes is attached below, or can be found at 


An electronic version of the full 2020 edition is available at


It presents an entirely new text of the Church Representation Rules, replacing the previous Rules established in 1969 and amended numerous times over the following fifty years. 


The new Rules aim to simplify local church governance and enable parishes to adapt the rules to best serve ministry and mission in their contexts. In addition, the new Rules are also designed:

• to be compliant with recent data protection legislation
• to provide for electronic communication
• to ensure better representation of mission initiatives in the Church’s structures
• to enable PCCs to do business by correspondence.

PCC Training

Resources for PCC training can be found on the Digital Learning Platform here



Heather Burge, Governance and Elections Lead & Diocesan Electoral Registration Officer, can be contacted with queries about APCMs, APMs and parish, deanery and diocesan elections (elections [at]



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