Bibles for Children and Young People that we recommend:

The Lion Storyteller Bible

A brilliant children’s bible for reading out loud.

The Lion Storyteller Bible


The Barnabas Family Bible

A great interactive bible for the family to use together which includes follow-up questions, activities and prayer ideas.

Barnabas Family Bible


The Jesus Storybook Bible

A marvellous story bible for all ages that puts Jesus at the centre of every story.

Jesus Storybook Bible


Children of God Storybook Bible 

A beautiful story bible by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, illustrated by people from all over the world.

Children of God Storybook


Good News Bible: The Youth Edition

A wonderful youth bible with space for journaling, follow-up ideas, and video links.

Good News Bible


NIrV New Testament: Accessible Version

A fantastic New Testament which has been designed for those with learning disabilities, moderate sight loss, lower levels of literacy, and English as a second language. 

New Testament Bible

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