Green Journey

The Green Journey is a package of energy saving services for churches and school provided in partnership with the diocese by Green Energy Consulting. The Green Journey includes:

  • A supplier switching service, to carbon neutral gas and 100% renewable electricity tariff 
  • A VAT and CCL checking service and reclaim service when a church has been overpaying
  • A complementary energy survey for all churches who wish to receive this service
  • Account management services, dealing with the supply company for you
  • Water supply switching service
  • Installation of smart metres where appropriate


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Benefits of Green Journey


The Green Journey Ecclesiastical Team at Green Energy Consulting




The Green Journey Ecclesiastical Team at Green Energy Consulting






What about my own energy supply at home?

Try out the Green Journey price comparison site to switch to 100% renewable electricity without costing you the earth!


Green Journey Updates

Diocesan Partnership with Green Energy Consulting Renewed

After a rigorous tender process where 11 companies bid to provide energy services for parishes, the service agreement has been won by Green Energy Consulting. Read why they were the winning contractor here

Contract Renewal Offer for Existing Clients

Churches who already receive their electricity and /or gas with the Green Journey will shortly be receiving a letter explaining a new renewal offer. This is an early renewal package, based on analysis of the current state of the energy market.

Following discussions with the Diocese and analysis of current market conditions, it has been agreed that now is the best time to offer a renewal for existing clients to safeguard against the volatile and rising market conditions. The Green Journey team have now secured the best value renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas tariffs for all the churches from SSE and Crown. They believe that now is the best time to buy as the markets are in a favourable position now. Consequently, they are offering a price for a further 3 year renewal contract to extend contracts from 2020 to 2023.

If you have any queries please contact: 

Craig Hogg, Green Journey Ecclesiastical Account Manager craig [at] 0333 006 7177

 or Jemima Parker, Diocesan Environment Officer Jemima.parker [at] 01423 569121


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