DAC Sustainability Policy

The Leeds DAC is committed to encouraging best practice in every matter relating to church buildings. Increasingly, this includes environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, reflecting the Leeds Diocesan Environmental Policy and the General Synod commitment to reaching zero carbon by 2030.

As such, the DAC had adopted the policies which can be downloaded below and which it will apply in forming its advice on faculty applications, where they involve works which have the potential to affect carbon emissions. These policies aim to encourage PCCs to think about how they might apply best practice in works to church buildings and churchyards, whilst recognising that all measures will not be suitable or affordable for all parishes.

Please click here to download the policies.

Guidance has been prepared to help PCCs in responding to the policies and to help them better understand environmental sustainability and how this applies to buildings.

Please click here to download the guidance.

In addition, links to further information can be found below:

The DAC staff and its volunteer advisers will be happy to advise individual PCCs about these matters. Please get in touch via the details provided on our contact page.

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