Our link with the Dioceses of Mara, Rorya and Tarime is first of all about friendship – getting to know each other through letters and visits. This allows us to pray for each other by name. Then we offer support in whatever ways are possible. Our partnership is both dynamic and reciprocal. Sometimes Leeds offers ideas and at other times our link dioceses do. We receive as much as we give.

Act Mara Safe House: The Story So Far …Keeping girls safe from FGM 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Here’s some background reading and the most important thing is the call to action at the end. £5 or £10 regular giving a month could make such a difference to these girls by giving the Safe House a stable income.

If you would like someone from the Tanzanian Link Committee to come and talk about FGM and the effects of FGM and the work of the Safe House in keeping girls safe – then please contact 

The practice of FGM is still carried out in Tanzania, despite being illegal in that country since 2009. In a few tribal cultures, this act is seen as ‘purification’ before marriage, and may lead to a larger wedding dowry. In 2009, the Anglican vicar of Mugumu took a young girl into his care in order to protect her from FGM. From this one act, the idea of a ‘Safe House’ was born. With funding from the Anglican Diocese of Mara and the UK based Tanzanian Development Trust, a building was constructed that can house 80 girls. It is especially busy in the ‘cutting season’ of November and December in alternate years.

The Safe House provides the following for the girls in its care:

  • Food, shelter and a home
  • Access to education
  • Family reconciliation work
  • Raised awareness of FGM in the communities which it serves
  • Currently, all funding for the Safe House comes from the Anglican Church of Mara, with support from the Leeds Diocese Tanzanian link, and some other church funding in the UK. There are plans for income generating projects to help it become more self-sufficient

The Tanzanian Link Committee – in the Leeds Diocese – has a sub-committee focused on the Safe House. We have a small number of members who look to support the project by:

  • Giving talks on the Safe House and FGM practices in Tanzania to groups- in order to raise awareness and generate donations/ regular giving.
  • Fundraising activities – the Safe House is currently very short of funds, for even necessities such as food and staff salaries, and that’s why we need your help.

How can you be part of the story:

  • Pray for the work of the Safe House and the Anglican Church in Tanzania
  • Donate – funding is desperately needed for staff salaries, medicines, clothes, school supplies, bedding, food, transport costs. We have a standard letter and leaflets that can be posted out to you, if you want to do your own fundraising initiative. Contact Rebecca on the email below.
  • Invite us to give a talk – to raise awareness of FGM practices in Tanzania – and to encourage people to make regular donations/ one off donations to the Safe House.

A standing order commitment of £5 or £10 a month could make a real difference.

BACS payment to Leeds DBF, reference - Safe House. Sort code 09-02-22 Acct No. 10466302.
Send cheques to Leeds DBF, 17/19 York Place, Leeds LS1 2EX payable to ‘Leeds Diocesan Board of finance’; write ‘Safe House’ on the back.

For further information please download our leaflet or read a PowerPoint presentation about the Safe House initiative. 

Contact details: 
Rebecca Cain (
Tanzanian Link Committee Officer for the Safe House 

Water for Life

Launched to mark the twentieth anniversary of the link in 2008 the aim of the Water for Life project is to support our fellow Christians in our 3 linked Tanzanian Dioceses to provide health education and clean water for their communities. The water for Life project is run by a subcommittee of the Tanzania Link Committee working hand in hand with our partners in Mara, Rorya and Tarime Diocese.

With the help of many individuals, parishes and schools here in Yorkshire we’ve been able to send £ 150,000 to our friends in Tanzania. This money has given employment and training as well as the funds for the installation of wells, water harvesting systems and the running of numerous health education workshops. Thousands of people have benefited through improved health, reduction in the time spent on collecting water and therefore better school attendance as well as employment. For more details see the enclosed summary - How has the money been spent? 

How to go forward?

The need for health education and clean water is as great as ever. Despite many obstacles we are making a difference. We would like to continue to stand bega kwa bega, shoulder to shoulder by providing funds and expertise in this field. For details of ongoing projects click on details and costs of ongoing projects. If you like to know how you can help, please download this flyer. If you are a school please look at the education website to see how schools in our Diocese are helping. On behalf of our friends in Tanzania: “Asante sana – Thank you so much!” 

Contact: Tineke Bentley on 01924 441347. 



See Tanzania Link Prayers on our Diocesan Prayer Diary webpage.  
Many of the 80 churches in Yorkshire linked to a church in Tanzania pray for their link church each Sunday.

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