Lay Training

Across the Diocese of Leeds there are plenty of exciting opportunities to grow in faith as well as to develop skills to serve God and his people. These range from one-off events to more sustained courses.

In addition to courses offered at parish-level, a variety of training opportunities are organised in Episcopal Areas and diocesan-wide. The Diocesan School of Ministry provides training for ‘licensed’ or ‘authorised’ ministries, such as Reader Ministry, through training hubs around the diocese.  

Lay Training Courses 2018:   Find out more here 

Members of the Diocesan Lay Training Team will be pleased to provide further details, even if your enquiry is tentative. 
Their contact details are below:

Lay Training Officers                                  

Revd Dr Hayley Matthews Director of Lay Training 
Revd Dr Hayley Matthews
Sharon Bavington Lay Training Officer
Bradford Area 

Sharon Bavington
Revd Ruth Newton Lay Training Officer
Ripon Area 

Revd Ruth Newton
Lay Training Officer 
Mandy Aspland
Lay Training Officer
Leeds Area
Revd Angela Hannafin
Carol Stenner Lay Training Administrator 
Carol Stenner

School of Ministry Officers                                  

Revd Canon Dr John Lawson Principal 
School of Ministry
Mirfield Hub

Revd Canon Dr John Lawson
Revd Canon Maggie McLean Honorary Assistant Principal 
School of Ministry
Mirfield Hub

Revd Canon Maggie McLean
Revd Canon Steve Davie Principal
School of Ministry
Bradford & Ripon Hubs



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