Huddersfield Parish Church joins Major Churches Network

One of our churches in the Huddersfield area has joined the Major Churches Network, opening up exciting possibilities for the future of its ministry.

St Peter’s, the Huddersfield Parish Church, has been identified as a Major Church making it a building of historical significance. 

In order to be accepted buildings have to have a footprint of 1000m2, and have to demonstrate that the church’s role extends beyond a typical Parish Church, with its civic, cultural and economic contributions to their local area.

The benefits of being a Major Church include new funding opportunities, as well as providing contact with other Major Churches who face similar challenges and opportunities. 

The network also provides information and assistance with conservation and disaster plans.

The Revd. Canon Rachel Firth, vicar of Huddersfield said: “This is really good news, as it gives us access to a network of knowledge and experience on everything from mission in context to buildings specialists.  

“Town centre civic churches have a distinctive role to play and any opportunity we get to share experience and learn from one another is hugely valuable.  

“Huddersfield Parish Church have a vision to be open, warm and welcoming – sympathetically adapting the building to maximise community usage, being intentionally inclusive, and enabling clear pathways to discipleship for all those who we serve.  

“Networks like Major Churches enable some of the “working smarter not harder” that we all need to support visions like this.”

Alan Eastwood, Churchwarden of the church, said: “Becoming a Major Church has come at a time when the majority of conservation work at the church has been completed – removing the building from the at-risk register. 

“We are moving now to the next phase which is to make the building more accessible to all and providing community space in the centre of the town. 

“The building will therefore continue to play its vital role as it has done for centuries as a place of worship enhancing the spiritual life of the town. 

“We are adapting to the changing face of Huddersfield, as the Council’s 10-million-pound regeneration scheme moves forward.”

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