New Safeguarding Training Officer will help launch online learning course

A new Safeguarding Training Officer has joined our diocese and will help guide people through a specially developed online learning course launched this month.

Alex Robertshaw-Seery will oversee the Virtual Leadership Safeguarding Pathway (VLSP), which is a transformative approach to safeguarding learning.

It replaces ‘C2’ and has been very well received by those who have completed the course.

“I am very much looking forward to working alongside the Safeguarding Team to deliver this new module and to meet, learn with, and support people on their safeguarding learning journey in the months ahead,” Alex said.

VLSP training is required for anyone who has safeguarding leadership responsibilities within the diocese, and/or has responsibility for leading activities involving children, young people and/or vulnerable adults

Training dates for VLSP will soon be available on the Safeguarding pages of the website and for any training queries including ‘C0’ and ‘C1’, email Alex at alex.robertshawseery [at]


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