Our diocese helps produce new national guide to help churches prepare for climate change

A new guide from the Church of England is helping churches across the country become more climate resilient, thanks to work from people in the Diocese of Leeds.

The guide, entitled ‘Climate resilient church’, provides resources, advice and support to help churches adapted to changing and more extreme weather conditions brought on by climate change.

It was produced by expert volunteers from our diocese, in partnership with the national church and Diocesan Advisory Committees from other dioceses.

It aims to help churches prepare for the warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers that climate change is causing, as well as for extreme weather events such as flooding and heatwaves.

Jemima Parker, Diocesan Environment Officer, said: “Sadly, the reality is that our weather patterns have already changed and will continue to get more extreme in the next few years. 

“Thinking about what this means for our church building and community is vital for every church to avoid unnecessary damage and also in equipping churches to take the lead in building loving local climate resilience.
“This new Climate Resilience guidance brings to life climate risks and opportunities and offers practical suggestions for adaptation. 

“I am very grateful to Dave Cherry for his expert advice in developing this guidance as a national resource. 

“Dave is the Climate Resilience Advisor for the Diocesan Environment Group and is available to offer advice to churches in the Diocese of Leeds.”

The guide can be found here.

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