Spiritual Direction

A Spiritual Director or Companion is someone who journeys with another person encouraging and resourcing them in their spiritual life. The role of a Spiritual Director is not about 'directing'. It is listening, discerning and helping to devlop new insight.

In the diocese we maintain the ministry of Spiritual Direction by:

  • Running short courses and taster days open to anyone to learn more about Spiritual Direction
  • Keeping a list of ecumenical Spiritual Directors in the diocese
  • Helping those looking for a Spiritual Director
  • Offering guidance on safe practice for those seeking Spiritual Direction
  • Maintaining a support system and regular consultations for Spiritual Directors.
  • Training courses for people to explore the ministry of Spiritual Direction.

Click here to download a leaflet with more information on Spiritual Direction. 

The Retreat Association has useful information about Spiritual Direction and choosing a Spiritual Guide.


All licensed clergy, spiritual directors and Area Prayer and Spirituality Team co-ordinators can view the list of Spiritual Directors here. Please note that this is a password protected page. If you do not have the current password and fall under one of the previously mentioned categories, please contact charlie.scott [at] leeds.anglican.org to request the password. 

Anyone who does not fall under these categories and is interested in having a Spiritual Director, please contact either a licensed minister or the relevant Area Prayer and Spirituality Team co-ordinator (contact details can be found here). 

Introduction and how to use this list

Spiritual Direction is a spiritual discipline, suitable for anyone as part of their discipleship. Making this list more easily accessible is one way in which all disciples can be supported and encouraged on their journey.
Each person on this list is considered suitable for the voluntary ministry of Spiritual Direction, which is overseen by the Diocesan Prayer and Spirituality Team. Everyone on the list either has a DBS or has submitted a personal declaration and has undergone, or will undergo during 2018, safeguarding training.
Each Spiritual Director has indicated the level of their availability. Please do not contact anyone who has stated that their availability is none. One of the advantages of managing the Diocesan list on the website is that availability can be constantly updated by the Spiritual Directors. The information, supplied by each Spiritual Director, is designed to give enough information to a potential directee to discern which person to contact for an initial exploratory meeting. Any initial meeting is to discover whether or not both parties are happy to meet again. As Spiritual Direction is a very personal matter, it is critical that a good match is found. 
This document is not intended to be printed and left in a public place. Rather, it is intended to be shared (electronically or printed) with any person seeking a Spiritual Director. Anyone using this list should be supported by either a licensed minister or the Episcopal Area designated person, whose name and contact details can be found here
Having discerned a potential match it is advisable for the licensed minister, or Episcopal Area nominated person, to make contact with the intended Spiritual Director, so that the Spiritual Director can confirm their willingness to be contacted in advance of being contacted.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the Prayer and Spirituality Team by email spirituality [at] leeds.anglican.org
The diocese runs regular training for Spiritual Directors. If you know of anyone suitable who would like to explore the possibility of training as a Spiritual Director, please be in spirituality [at] leeds.anglican.org (contact).

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