Our link with the Dioceses of Mara, Rorya and Tarime is first of all about friendship – getting to know each other through letters and visits. This allows us to pray for each other by name. Then we offer support in whatever ways are possible. Our partnership is both dynamic and reciprocal. Sometimes Leeds offers ideas and at other times our link dioceses do. We receive as much as we give.


Water for Life

The joy of clean waterLaunched in 2008, Water for Life works with Christians in Mara district providing health education and clean water.

With the help of many in Yorkshire £133,000 has been sent to Tanzania. This money has given employment, training in building wells, and skills to run health education workshops. It has also paid for the provision of wells, water harvesting systems and bio sand filters. Thousands have benefited through improved health; less time spent collecting water and therefore better school attendance.
Summary of Water for Life 2008-2017.

Geology and unpredictable rainfall make the success of each project uncertain. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. So each of the three dioceses has set their own priorities: Pumps for Mara; Water harvesting for Tarime; and Bio- sand filters for Rorya. 
Details & costs of ongoing projects - January 2018
Water Harvesting TarimeAlternative Gift List.

Want to help? 
The need is as great as ever. Despite many obstacles we are making a difference. We continue to stand bega kwa bega (shoulder to shoulder) by providing funds and expertise. 
Download a Water for Life flyer.
Read how our diocesan schools are helping.

Contact: tinekebentley [at] (subject: Water%20for%20Life) (Tineke Bentley) on 01924 441347. 



See Tanzania Link Prayers on our Diocesan Prayer Diary webpage.  
Many of the 80 churches in Yorkshire linked to a church in Tanzania pray for their link church each Sunday.



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