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Abbott C. Jamison                          Finding Sanctuary: Monastic Steps for Everyday Life                                                                                  
Alan Bartlett                                    Vicar – Celebrating the Renewal of Parish Ministry
Alan Billings                                     Making God Possible
Alan Hirsch                                      The Forgotten Ways     
A. Roxburgh & F. Romanuk           The Missional Leader – Equipping your church to reach a changing world
Alister McGrath                              Christian Theology: An Introduction
Alister McGrath                              The Blackwell Encyc of Modern Christian Thought
Alister McGrath                              Theology: The Basics   
Alwyn Marriage                              The People of God
Amy L. Sherman                             Kingdom Calling – Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good
Andrew Davison                             Why Sacraments     
Andrew Norman                             A Church Observed – Being Anglican as Times Change   
Andrew Roberts                             Holy Habits   
Andrew Stokes                               Working with God
Andy Milne                                     The DNA of Pioneer Ministry
Andy Piggot                                     Leaving Well: Exploring aspects of moving from one Ministry to another                        
Angela Shier-Jones                         Pioneer Ministry and Fresh Expressions of Church
Arani Sen                                         Holy Spirit Radicals – Pentecost, Acts and Changed Society
Barbara Glasson                             The Exuberant Church – Listening to the Prophetic People of God
Ben Quash                                       Abiding   - The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2023   
Ben Witherington                           Work: a Kingdom perspective on labour     
B. Gordon-Taylor & S. Jones         Celebrating the Eucharist     
Binney (Collab)                                Living Leadership     
Bob Jackson                                     Going for Growth – What works at Local Church Level
Bob Jackson                                     Hope for the Church – contemporary strategies for growth
Bob Jackson                                    The Road to Growth towards a thriving church
Bob Jackson                                    The Road to Growth towards a thriving church
Bob Jackson                                    What makes churches grow?
Bob Jackson                                    What Makes Churches Grow?   
Bruce Duncan                                 Pray Your Way
Bruce Milne                                    Know The Truth      
Bruce Waltke                                  Finding the Will of God   
Cahalan (Collab)                             Calling in Today’s World: Voices from Eight Faith Perspectives                          
C. Rowling & P. Gooder                 Reader Ministry Explored
Charles Richardson                       This is our calling
Chatfield                                         Something in Common
Chris Edmondson                          Minister:  Love Thyself – Sustaining Healthy Ministry
Christina Rees                                Voices of this Calling   
Christine Hall                                 The Deacon’s Ministry
C. Cocksworth & R. Brown          Being a Priest Today
Dan Kimball                                   The Emerging Church – Vintage Christianity for New Generations
Dan Kimball                                   They Like Jesus but not the Church – insights from emerging generations
Daniel Goleman                            Emotional Intelligence:      
Daniel Goleman                            Working with Emotional Intelligence:      
Darrel Cosden                               The heavenly good of earthly work     
Dave Male                                      How to Pioneer   
David Bosch                                   Transforming Mission     
David Edwards                               What Anglicans Believe
D. Evans & K. Sherer                     Creating Space for Strangers:      
David F Ford                                   Christian Wisdom – Desiring God and Learning in Love
David Ison                                      The Vicar’s Guide
David Runcorn                               Choice, Desire and the Will of God:      
David Runcorn                               Fear and Trust – God Centred Leadership   
David Watson                                Discipleship
David Wilkinson                            When I Pray, What Does God Do?     
Derek Tidball                                 Called by God – Exploring our Identity in Christ
Dietrich Bonhoeffer                      The Cost of Discipleship     
E. Gibbs & I. Coffey                       Leadership Next     
E. Gibbs & R. K. Bolger                  Emerging Churches – Creating Christina Community in postmodern cultures     
Edmund P Clowney                       Called to the Ministry   
Edmund P Clowney                       Preaching Christ in All Scripture      
Emma Ineson                                 Busy Christian Living     
Emma Percy                                   What Clergy Do   
Fr C. Jamieson O.S.B.                    The Disciples’ Call:  Theologies of Vocation from Scripture to the present day   
Francis Dewar                                Called or Collared – An Alternative Approach to Vocation
Francis Stufford                             Unapologetic – Why, despite everything, Christianity can still make surprising emotional sense
Frost Hirsch                                    The shaping of things to come
Gary D Badcock                             The Way of Life: A Theology of Christian Vocation
George Binner (Collab)                Living Leadership – A practical guide for ordinary heores
George Carey (Collab)                  Celebrating the Anglican Way
George Guiver                               Priests in a People’s Church
George Guiver                               The Fire and The Clay 
Giles Goddard                                Space for Grace – Operating Inclusive Churches
Gordon Kuhrt                                 An introduction to Christian Ministry
Gordon Kuhrt                                 Mapping the trends - Ministry Issues for the Church of England
G. Kuhrt & P. Nappin                     Bridging the Gap: Reader Ministry Today:   
Gordon Kuhrt                                 An Introduction to Christian Ministry
Gordon Kuhrt                                 Ministry Issues for the Church of England:    
Gordon Oliver                                Ministry without Madness
Gordon T Smith                              Consider Your Calling: Six Questions for Discerning Your Vocation
Graham Cray (Collab)                    The Future of the Parish System
Graham Tomlin                               The Provocative Church
Graham Tomlin                               The Widening Circle      
Huffman                                           How Then Should We Choose?      
Ian Cowley                                       The Contemplative Minister: Learning to lead from the still centre Inquiry
J I Packer                                           Knowing God
J Val Hastings                                   Ministry 3.0 – How today’s church leaders are using coaching to transform ministry
James Lawrence                              Lost for Words – For all who think evangelism is not for them
Jeff Astley                                         Studying God: Doing Theology
Jeffrey John                                      Permanent, Faithful, Stable: Christian Same-Sex Relationships
Jeremy Worthen                              Responding to God’s Call
Jo Saxton                                           Influential Women in Leadership at Church, Work and Beyond
Joanna Collicutt                               The Psychology of Christian Character Formation
Joel Edwards                                    An Agenda for Change – A Global Call for Spiritual and Social Transformation
John Adair                                        How to Find your Vocation – A Guide to Discovering the Work You Love
John Adair (Collab)                          Creative Church Leadership
John Drane                                        Introducing the Bible   
John Kirby                                          Nevertheless – The incredible story of one man’s mission to change thousand of people’s lives
John Ortberg                                     If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat     
John Piper                                          Don’t Waste Your Life     
John Pritchard                                   How to Explain Your Faith     
John Pritchard                                   How to Pray   
John Pritchard                                   The Life and Work of a Priest
John Stott                                           Same Sex Relationships
John Tiller                                           The Gospel Community and its Leadership
John Tiller                                           A Strategy for the Church’s Ministry
John Veith                                           God at Work
John Witcombe                                 The Curate’s Guide – From calling to first parish
Jonathan Gledhill                              Leading a Local Church in eh Age of the Spirit
J. Ross-McNairn & S. Barron            Being a Curate      
Jules Middleton                                 Breaking the Mould – Learning to Thrive as a Ministry Mum
Katy Magdelene Price                      I think it’s God Calling
Keating                                               The Deacon Reader
K. Lamdin & D. Tilley                        Supporting New Ministers in the Local Church (x2)
Kenneth Mason                                 Priesthood and Society
Kester Brewin                                    The Complex Christ – Signs of emergence in the urban church
Kevin De Young                                  Just Do Something   
Libby Purves (Collab)                        Seeing Ourselves – interpreting contemporary Society
Magdalen Smith                                Steel Angels
Malcolm Grundy                               What They Don’t Teach you at Theological College
Marcus Throup                                 When Jesus Calls – Finding a simpler, humbler, bolder vocation
Marcus Throup                                  All Things Anglican   
Mark Chapman                                 Anglicanism - A Very Short Introduction
Mark Davis                                         Walking on the Shore – A way of sharing faith in groups
Matthew Caminer                            A Clergy Husband’s Survival Guide
Michael Green                                  Church without walls
Michael Green                                   Evangelism through the Local Church     
Michael Green                                   Freed to Serve
Michael Ramsey                               The Christian Priest Today
Michael Taylor                                   Not Angels but Agencies – The ecumenical response to Poverty – A primer
M. Turnbull (Collab)                          The state of the Church & the Church of the State
Mike Starkey                                      Ministry Rediscovered: Shaping up a unique and creative church
Miroslav Volf                                      Work in the Spirit     
N. Riken & T. Sudworth                    The Cutting Edge – Ways to pray & what to say
Nick Spencer                                     Beyond the Fringe – Researching a Spiritual Age
Os Guinness                                      The Call
Patrick Sookhdeo                             The Challenge of Islam to the church and its mission
Paul Avis                                            The Anglican Understanding of the Church – An Introduction
P. Godfrey (Collab)                            Employing Youth and Children’s Workers – A guide for Churches
Paul Moore                                        Making Disciples in Messy Church     
Pete Ward                                          Liquid Church
Peter Chambers                                Made in Heaven? – Ministry with those intending marriage
Peter Graystone                                Signs of the Times – The Secret Lives of Twelve Everyday Icons
Peter Jeffery                                      Bitesize Theology – An ABC of the Christian Faith
R Paul Stevens                                   Aging Matters: Finding your calling for the rest of your life                              
Richard Foster                                   Prayer
Richard Higginson                            Transforming Leadership – A Christian Approach to Management
Robert Martineau                            The Office and work of a Priest
Robin Gill                                           Changing Worlds – Can the church respond
Robin Greenwood                            Parish Priests: for the sake of the Kingdom
Robin Greenwood                            Transforming Church
Robin Greenwood                            Transforming Priesthood
Roger L. Walton                                Disciple Together – Discipleship, formation and small groups
Rosalind Brown                                 Being a Deacon
Ruth Hassall                                       Growing Young Leaders – A practical guide to mentoring teens
Schillebeeck                                      Ministry
Sotirios Christou                               Evangelism & Collaborative Ministry In the Local Church
Sotrious Christou                              Images of Formation
Stephen Cherry                                 Beyond Busyness     
Stephen Platten                                Vocation
Steve Walton                                     A Call to Live
Steven Croft (Collab)                        Learning for Ministry
Steven Croft (Collab)                        Evangelism in a Spiritual Age – communicating faith in a changing culture
Steven Croft                                       Ministry in Three Dimensions
Steven Croft                                       The Future of the Parish System     
Steven Croft                                       The Gift of Leadership According to the Scriptures: 
Stuart & Fee                                       How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth   
Tim Appleton (Collab)                      Christians and Bioethics
Tim Chester                                        Mission Matters – Love Says Go
Tim Chester                                        Unreached      
T. Slack & H. Bush                              AI Essentials – a practical, straightforward and easy-to-use guide to Appreciative                
Tom Wright                                         Scripture and the Authority of God     
Tom Wright                                         Simply Good News     
Wesley Carr                                        Brief Encounters – Pastoral Ministry Through the Occasional Offices



A Study Guide to the Tiller Report
Anglican Religious Life 2014/2015
Church House Publishing         Mission-shaped-church
Common Worship – Services and Prayers for the Church of England
Discussion Document from the House of Bishops Group - Some Issues in Human Sexuality
Essays from General Synod Board of Education   All Are Called - Towards a Theology of the Laity
Grove Biblical Series            B 50 The Earth is the Lord’s A biblical response to environmental issues (x5)
Grove Pastoral Series          P128   Supervising a Curate
Grove Pastoral Series          P28  Leadership Teams Clergy & Lay Leadership in the Local Church
Grove Worship Series          137 Making Creation Visible
Guidelines for the Professional Conduct of the Clergy
House of Bishops               Promoting a Safe Church – Safeguarding policy statement for children, young people and adults                                      House of Bishops               Some issues in human sexuality – a guide to the debate
Ministry Division Booklet – Ordained Pioneer Ministers: Guidelines for their Identification, Training and deployment
Mission Theological Advisory Group         Presence and Prophecy – a heart for mission in theological education 
Ordained Pioneer Ministers – Guidelines for their identification, training and deployment
Stranger in the Wings – a report on Local Non-Stipendiary Ministry
The Bible with Apocrypha 
The Faith and Order Commission - The Gospel, Sexual Abuse and the Church
The Relevant Church – A new Vision for Communities of Faith
What Priesthood has the Ministry


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