Synoptic showdown in Texas includes one of our vicars

One of our vicars from Harrogate has been part of a synoptic showdown, as part of leading academic research into the gospels.

The Revd Alan Garrow, Vicar at St Peter’s Harrogate, is a leading proponent of a new theory about the relationship between the gospel writers Matthew and Luke, the Matthean Posteriority Hypothesis, which suggest Matthew wrote his gospel last and used Luke’s directly for reference.

This is different from the two previous leading theories, the first being that Matthew and Luke both independently used a hypothetical source known as Q, and the second being that Luke copied straight from Matthew.

Revd Alan recently took part in a debate at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in San Antonio, in Texas in the USA.

Revd Alan was joined by Rob MacEwen, author of Matthean Posteriority, in the debate with Prof Mark Goodacre from Duke University and Dr Robyn Walsh from the University of Miami.

Revd Alan said: “Who copied whom out of Matthew, Mark and Luke? 

“This question, commonly known as the Synoptic Problem, has been debated by scholars for nearly two hundred years. 

“The great majority now agree that Mark was used by both Matthew and Luke - but what about the relationship between Matthew and Luke?

“Our session was among the liveliest and best attended at the conference. 

“The debate is sure to continue!”

Alan's presentation, and other resources relevant to the MPH, are available here.

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