The Team

Liz Morton Liz Morton
Team Leader
liz.morton [at]
07512 712290
0113 353 0237
Anne Carter Anne Carter
Children (0-12) Lead
anne.carter [at]
0113 353 0239
Graeme Bigg Graeme Bigg
Young People (10-18) Lead
graeme.bigg [at]
0113 353 0236
Katherine Grasham Katherine-Alice Grasham
Mission Training Lead
katherine-alice.grasham [at]
0113 353 0235
Charlie Scott Charlie Scott
Ministry and Mission Administrator
charlie.scott [at]
0113 353 0238


For all enquiries, please contact childrenyouth [at]

We host a Facebook group for anyone involved in children, young people and family ministry where people share details of events, resources, activities and training and also ask questions, debate ideas and learn together.

We have a Twitter profile where we document a bit of what each of us are up to in and around the diocese. 

We also have a Pinterest account where we collate ideas for different festivals, groups and activities.

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Here are some of the areas that the team might be able to help you with:

•    Starting up Children/Youth work 
•    Basic Good Practice for children and youth work
•    Baptism
•    Toddler groups
•    All age/intergenerational worship
•    Supporting work with older children and teenagers
•    Admission to Communion
•    Confirmation - nurture and discipleship for young people
•    Spiritual development for children and young people
•    Ways of listening and enabling children and young people to participate in church life
•    Developing young leaders
•    Godly Play
•    Open the Book
•    Messy Church
•    Explore Together
•    Support for those considering employing a children/young people/family worker
•    Working in teams
•    Interfaith work
•    Training for leaders
•    Engaging with parents/faith at home
•    Mentoring for workers
•    Basics of mentoring young people
•    LGBTQ+ issues
•    Mental health
•    Social media
•    Disabilities
•    Bereavement and grief
•    Creating a curriculum for children and young people’s work

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