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Diocese gathers youth workers at our cathedrals to share thanks and support

First published on: 17th October 2023

The diocese has been pleased to bring together youth workers from across the diocese this year at a series of events at our cathedrals.

All those involved in ministry with children and young people in churches were invited to attend one of the three TEND events.

The events are part of the wider pathway for children and youth leaders and aim to bring people together, to share vision, to equip, inspire and thank leaders and volunteers and to encourage them in their own faith development.

The events were titled TEND, which stands for: Thanking people for their ministry to children, young people and their families; Encouraging and equipping them and those they serve to grow in faith; Networking with others and sharing experiences; and Doing – making time and space to set attendees up for what they will do next.

The events included discussions and training from members of our Children, Young People and Families Team, as well as resources from the team and other partner organisations.

Liz Morton, Team Leader of our Children, Young People and Families Team, said: “We were very fortunate to have Lucy Moore, the head of the Growing Faith Foundation, as our keynote speaker at each event and it was wonderful to have Bishops’ Nick, Toby and Tony speak and lead the closing acts of worship at the events.

“Well over 100 people attended over the three dates and it was wonderful to meet all the volunteers and leaders and to thank them for all they do for children, young people and families across the diocese and to spend time learning and worshipping together.

“We are already planning the events next year and hope to meet even more of our wonderful leaders and volunteers in 2024!”

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