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Treasurer's Update: Providing Current and Useful information from the Resourcing Parishes Team

Issue 1 - December 2017 - Welcome, Mission and Finance Returns, Share, Fees and more.
Issue 2 - March 2018 - GDPR, Parish Returns, Fees and more.
Issue 3 - May 2018 - Returns, Digital Giving, GDPR and more.
Issue 4 - July/Aug 2018 - Parish Share, Major Capital Grants and more.
Issue 5 - November 2018 - Funding, ACAT, Gift Aid and more.
Issue 6 - January 2019.
Issue 7 - April 2019



Leeds Diocesan Board of Finance Budgets



Leeds Diocesan Board of Finance Annual Report and Accounts





The Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT) Membership

The Diocese has a group membership to ACAT - access lots of useful information and resources in the members area of their website. See the Treasurer's Update for more information or contact resourcingparishes [at]

For further information follow the links below:

Resourcing Parishes Team

Parish Resources website

Parish Returns website


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