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New project Every Good Work disciples and develops young people in Wakefield

First published on: 17th July 2023

As part of Barnabas: Encouraging Confidence, the Diocese of Leeds has been awarded nearly £1 million by the Church of England for a new project: Every Good Work in Wakefield.

Every Good Work holds a broader vision for the city as it seeks to support three churches to disciple young people, develop youth leadership and social action, and establish an interns hub.

With its large and growing population of children and young people, and 50,000 new residents around working age expected over the next ten years, Wakefield is a changing city.

Nationally, the city also has a higher than average percentage of children living in low income families.

Every Good Work is designed to meet these challenges and opportunities.

In focusing on children and young people, as well as meeting social needs, the project has a long term vision for thriving churches.

It will develop young leaders who reach out to incomers showing them an engaging church which shapes the city.

Three benefices, St Catherine’s Wakefield, St Helen’s Sandal Magna and St George’s Lupset, will be the starting places for Every Good Work, providing discipleship and community for the young people involved.

From this base, a team of youth workers will further links with local schools, encourage children and young people in their passions and gifts, and develop them as leaders through shared social action.

The Revd David Gerrard is Vicar of St Catherine’s Wakefield, as well as the Area Dean of Wakefield, and is the Project Lead.

David says: “The City of Wakefield has diversified from its former base in the woollen and coal trades into retail, financial, legal and light industrial services.  

“In the last decades there has been a decline in well-paid secure jobs and this has had obvious social repercussions.  

“Alongside this, Wakefield has a growing population of children and youth.  

“What matters for many of these young people is not the question of whether or not God exists, or whether Christianity is true, but whether Christianity works, does it make a difference in the way someone lives?  

“Whereas traditional discipleship courses help people explore Christian belief, ‘Every Good Work’ will be helping young people explore Christian practice and through that practice exploring and discovering the love of Christ.”

Every Good Work is part of our Barnabas programme of working together to create confident Christians, build growing churches and be part of transforming communities.

The project plays our part in the Church of England’s vision for doubling the number of children and young active disciples by 2030.

You can find out more in our Barnabas: Encouraging Confidence website section by clicking here.

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