Monthly reflections

Find here reflections written by bishops, members of clergy and laity from across our diocese. Many of these reflections are produced for Leeds Diocesan News, which is released the first Friday of every month.

The wonder of vocations | Revd Canon Derek Walmsley | June 2024

I was asked to write a short piece about “The Wonder of Vocations”. What would you write? Let me ask some questions then. How do we find our vocation? How do we discover what God wants us to do with our lives?

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Changes in a testing world | Bishop Nick | June 2024

June is going to be a busy month. Not only are we in the throes of a general election campaign, but it is also Ordination month. (And I daren’t mention the Euros …)


A month for celebrating? | Revd Sonia Kasibante | May 2024

“That must be really difficult” – this is frequently the comment from friends and strangers when we talk about me being a hospital chaplain. And yes, it is the case – indescribably difficult at times. This is not where it ends, however.

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Walking with purpose | Revd Jo Jones | May 2024

Working as a deacon in chaplaincy has been an enlightening journey, shaping my perspective and deepening my understanding of ministry. Each day presents unique opportunities for growth, reflection, and service.


Christian defiance brings hope | Bishop Nick | April 2024

There was once a very popular Easter song or hymn, but it actually got sung throughout the year, and one line confidently proclaimed about Jesus, ‘back to life He came.’ No, he didn't! What happened to Jesus was resurrection, not resuscitation.


The Calling | Revd Olasupo Ogunyinka | April 2024

Have you been called or did you call yourself? Well, I think either is okay with God who created us and knows us intimately. Remember the excitement you felt when you think you’re called by God to his mission.


Shared prayer for peace | Bishop Toby | March 2024

As we continue our Lenten journey with Jesus in the way of the cross, Muslim friends, colleagues and neighbours are beginning their fast this month. Each year, the lunar month of Ramadan starts ten or eleven days earlier, and the overlapping of our annual periods of spiritual discipline offers opportunities to share with and pray for each other.


Festivals of Spring | Revd Dave Ho Young | March 2024

There are two festivals I celebrate every spring. One is of course Easter, which we celebrate this month. The other is Chinese New Year, which we celebrated last month, and which in China is called Spring Festival.

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That's temptation | Bishop Tony | February 2024

A little boy in a grocery store was standing near an open box of peanut butter cookies. “Now then, young man,” said the grocer as he approached the young man. “What are you up to?” “Nothing,” replied the boy: “Nothing.” “Well, it looks to me like you were trying to take a cookie.” “You’re wrong, mister, I’m trying not to!”


Serving the Church | Revd Ian Greenhalgh | February 2024

2024 marks a very special year in my life. On January 11th I had my birthday and I find it hard to believe I am now 75 - or as my daughter tells me 27,394 days old.

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