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Threads through Creation shared with Ripon area school children

First published on: 14th December 2022

More than 400 pupils from nine schools went to Ripon Cathedral to see their ‘Threads through Creation’ exhibition this autumn.

Textile artist Jacqui Parkinson spent nearly three years making ‘Threads through Creation’, a series of 12 silk panels telling the story of creation. 

She emphasises that: “Whether the things in this story actually happened in exactly the way they’re described is not the most important thing. 

“The most important thing is that this story tells us so much about the whole of creation, the world around us, you and me, and our Creator God.”

She used metres of fabric to cover a playground and over eight million stitches. 

The artwork invited people to play a part in taking good care of plants, birds and fish, animals, and people so that we can be part of the Very Big Story of Creation.

Schools were provided with a Guide for Teachers and activity sheets for children.

The cathedral had 417 pupils from nine schools visiting Threads through Creation and the Eco Display that ran alongside.

Chris Lapping, teacher at Brompton-on-Swale Primary, said of their visit: “We had a wonderful day visiting the 'Threads through Creation' at Ripon Cathedral. 

“The children have been exploring the Creation story in their RE lessons and it was great to be able to bring this learning to life. 

“They were amazed by the sheer size of the panels, their colour and detail and the amount of time and effort it must have taken to create them! 

“We enjoyed spotting and discussing the symbolism in each of the panels, which we then continued with the Cathedral's 'A Place of Worship - Signs and Symbols' workshop.”

Jill Allen, Headteacher at St Wilfrid’s Primary, said: “Our visit to the Threads Through Creation exhibition rounded off our learning in RE beautifully. 

“I was impressed by how long each piece of artwork captivated the children and how much they could relate each piece to our learning in school. 

“For example, the temptation of the snake in the Garden of Eden and the representation of the Holy Trinity through the different threads. 

“I was also very grateful to the children’s book for supporting our interpretation of each piece.”

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