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Young people's visit to Walsingham makes a meaningful impact

First published on: 16th August 2023

A youth pilgrimage to one of England’s holiest sites saw 13 youngsters from our diocese travel to Walsingham this month.

St Mary’s South Elmsall, St Helen’s Hemsworth, Horbury Parish and Lundwood Parish, teamed up and took a group of 13 young people on a lively week of worship and teaching, plus a visit to the famous Holy House, sprinkling of Holy Water and walking the Holy Mile.

Daily teaching and bible study gave them the chance reflect on how we can live out our Christian faith through studying scripture, pray and through action. This was particularly useful for some of our young people and sparked further questions about patterns of prayer and how to read their bible.

During one of the daily masses, several members of our group, served at the altar and led intercessions. The young people were also joined by the Rt Revd Tony Robinson, Bishop of Wakefield who is pictured with the group.

The healing liturgy gave the young people chance to come before God through receiving sprinkling with water from Walsingham’s sacred well, anointing and the sacrament of reconciliation. This was a very powerful experience for many of the young people there as well as those accompanying them.

Katherine Brackley, Children’s and Families worker at Horbury, said the trip’s leaders had the privilege of seeing our young people grow in many ways, including in their spiritual lives.

“They asked questions, explored their own faith and discovered ways they could become closer to God,” Katherine said.

“One particular highlight was praying the rosary on the Holy Mile. A number of our young people had never prayed the rosary before, but by the end of the week were leading decades of the rosary for the rest of the group.

“The youth pilgrimage provided young people, the opportunity to meet with other Christians, develop friendships, have fun and ultimately meet with God and we can’t wait to return!” She said.

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